About Me

My name is Mohammad Magout. I am a post-doc researcher at the The Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies “Multiple Secularities – Beyond the West, Beyond Modernities” at the University of Leipzig, Germany, where I also did my PhD studies in the field of Islamic studies. This blog, however, is not concerned specifically with my formal research interests. It is rather my own reflections on topics that I find personally interesting or intellectually stimulating. These topics, as the title of my blog suggests, revolve around religion, culture, and society in the broadest sense. More specifically, I am interested in how religious faith takes shape in our contemporary world and how it influences culture and politics (and vice versa). I also take interest in popular culture, especially heavy metal music and hip hop, along with some genres of film and literature (often when religion or politics are involved). The nice thing about social sciences is that it makes you look at everything happening in society as something you can reflect on or talk about.

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Alisar كتب:

    Nice Job Mohamed 🙂

  2. steve peterson كتب:

    Awaiting “moderation!? What?? A true believer of “democracy” is moderating my comment? Where’s my freedom of speech and freedom of the press?

    • Mohammad Magout كتب:

      Hi, feel free to comment on my posts. The “About me” page in my blog is not for exchanging opinions. I didn’t create this blog so people talk about me personally, but talk about what I write. Thanks,

  3. Eihab Munshi كتب:

    Salam Aliakum Mohammad, your blog made me so glad to find such organized articles discussing complex topics. I would like to ask about the conference that you have drafted its manuscripts.
    المؤتمر الذي فرغت نصوص جلساته المتعدد، تاريخ التفريغ في عام 2017. أرجو منك افادتي باسم المؤتمر وإذا كان مصورا. شاكر ومقدر جهدك الكبير.
    والسلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته

    • Mohammad Magout كتب:

      تحياتي إيهاب شكراً جزيلاً على تعليقك اللطيف. أعتقد أنك تقصد السيمنار عن العلمانية في العالم العربي ، أليس كذلك؟ هذه كانت مجرد سيمنار قمت بتدريسها عام 2017 في جامعة لايبتزغ في ألمانيا. للأسف لا يوجد تصوير للمحاضرات التي ألقيتها، لذلك قمت بتلخيص محتوياتها في مدونتي.

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